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Donemana Primary School Strabane

Wow, What A Day!

27th Jun 2019

The Accelerated Reading Target achievers where treated to a DREAM DAY at school today.  As an award for working hard and reaching their individualised reading target each class planned fun activities they would like to do.  This included amongst other things, Hide and Seek, Outdoor Play, Water Fight, Scavenger Hunt, Computer Time, Film, Cricket, Art and Baking!!  Wow what a DREAM DAY INDEED.  In addition to this all children who previously reached their A.R. target were allowed to break a School Rule - one for every target they achieved.  As a result we had some children not in uniform, some who arrived late for school, crazy hair styles, juice in their water bottles and even eating sweets in class.  As you can imagine an excellent day was had and our very worthy readers had a fun fuelled day.  A big well done to everyone! We hope you enjoy the snapshots of our DREAM DAY at school!

Mark and Brooke P6/7 - 'It was FUN, can we do this again next year?'

Joshua P5/6 - 'It was a FABULOUS day.'

Olivia P3 - 'I had an AMAZING day!'

Joshua P4/5 - 'It really was a dream day. The Hide and Seek was the best part!'

Ruby P4/5 - 'I enjoyed breaking the rules especially eating sweets all day!'

One small jump for man, one Giant leap for Mankind!
I think we've found EVERYTHING on our list!
Mr Potts will never find us back here!
Where did you all go, I'll find you yet!
Here I am!
Shhh, don't tell where I am!
1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . . . . .50, here we come!
They won't find me in here I hope!
Even Miss Nutt enjoyed Hide and Seek!
It took a LONG time to find Mrs McCusker!